Simple Spring Scarf

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It’s warm in Denver today but don’t be fooled, March will be the snowiest month of the year! On days like this I still dream about Spring. I can’t wait to bike to the farmer’s market and hike without wearing a jacket. Alas, I must wait a bit longer to thaw out but in the meantime, let’s make a cute scarf so we’re fashionable when it finally warms up a bit.IMG_6512

For this project you’ll need about 1/2 yd of sheer fabric like voile, elastic thread, regular thread and of course something to cut your fabric. A rotary cutter, mat and ruler work well.


Cut your fabric into two strips that are about 6 inches wide and 60 inches long. Sew the strips together to create one super long piece of fabric. Then fold over all of the edges twice and iron into place. Creating a finished seam will keep the sheer fabric from fraying.


Topstitch around the entire scarf with regular thread to make that finished edge.


Now load up your bobbin with elastic thread. You may have to hand wind it. Make sure to keep some tension on it while you wind. Load the elastic thread on the bottom and normal thread on top. Then sew two straight lines directly down the middle of your scarf about 1/2 inch apart. You’ll see the fabric gathering as you sew!


That’s it! Now you’re ready for Spring whenever it decides to arrive.




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One thought on “Simple Spring Scarf

  1. It looks super cute but I want to see it on a model… YOU Chelsea! Model that shit! 😉

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