Potato Chip Patina


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Let’s continue our journey into jewelry making with a super easy tutorial for coloring copper. We’re going to make an acidic patina or tarnish using potato chips! It will produce beautiful blue-green patches on your copper piece as you can see on the dragonfly on this necklace.IMG_6560Hit up the chip aisle to gather your supplies. You’ll need salt and vinegar potato chips, white vinegar, a plastic container and of course some copper.IMG_6517Smash up a few hands full of chips and place them in your plastic container. Next, cover with vinegar and mix up until the chips are pretty squishy.IMG_6518

Cut a copper sheet into your desired shape and bury it beneath the squishy chips making sure there is plenty of contact between copper and chips. Allow the copper to sit in the chips overnight. You’ll be developing copper sulfate and chloride salts of copper on the surface.


The next day, you’ll have something like this including a little chip goo. Let the pieces dry and gently brush off any residual potato chips. Then seal up your pieces with a clear sealant. I used some clear nail polish. Once the sealant has dried, your potato chip patina is ready to go on your next jewelry project!



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3 thoughts on “Potato Chip Patina

  1. That is gorgeous! I love copper so very much! I had no idea that I could patina it myself. My necklaces are never going to be as beautifully creative as yours, but now at least they will contain my favorite metal! Thanks, Chelsea!

  2. The necklace is amazing and gorgious!!
    I have never seen anything like it :)
    You could sell a gazillion of them, if you wanted to.
    Another terrific project. Thank you.

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